Work is better when you are connected.

What if you could X-ray your organization to learn how work is really getting done? Synapp is an online tool for illuminating and analyzing how your organization really works.

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We Leverage Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)
to Address HR BUSiness Problems

Leadership Development
Diversity & Inclusion
Talent Management
Innovation & Collaboration
Organizational Alignment

A Smarter look at your organization

Synapp analyzes your organization’s overall informal network to provide customized, actionable insights.

Organization Key Insights

Aggregates team level data around innovation potential, execution, engagement, energy, empowerment, and cross team collaboration

Key Influencers

Identifies the top individuals who are well positioned to influence 85% of the organizational network

Talent Retention

Predicts the extent to which individuals may be at risk for leaving the organization

Leadership Proxies

Identifies, for any given employee, three potential proxies (or successors) who share a highly similar base of connections

Network Linchpins

Highlights individuals who serve as ‘bridges’ between those who are central to the flow of communication and information

Actionable insights for individuals

Synapp equips employees with key insights and tailors recommendations to help them strengthen and broaden their network.

Individual Key Insights

Creates awareness of how the individual compare to others around cross-team collaboration, innovation potential, influence, and interpersonal support

Network Style

Details on an employee's networking attributes, such as the density of their network, their connections internal vs. external to theirteam, etc.


Custom recommendations on whom they should specifically connect with to strengthen their network.

How it works

Collect Data

We start with a short 14 question survey that is backed by ONA literature and our experience. Additional questions can be added for more insights. All we need to start is a list of employees within the network.

Analyze the network

Once the survey is complete, the analysis begins on our secure cloud servers. Each participant recieives a personalized report while leaders will receive access to the custom organization report.

Deliver Results

Beyond the cloud based reports, we offer a faciliated wokshop to help our customers transform these insights into action for the individuals, teams, and organizations.

More than a visualization tool

Custom Built

Synapp is build from the ground up to provide the most accurate Organization Network Analysis insights to companies across the world.

ONA without the expert

We developed Synapp with everyday business people in mind. As a result, anyone can leverage the power of ONA using Synapp. There is no prior knowledge required.

Unique Insights

Synapp provides insights at the organization, team, and individual level. The insights are unique, measurable and action-oriented.

Ease of deployment

Our deployment dashboard makes data collection a breeze to set up and administer. Users can add and remove additional questions to enhance and focus the deployment’s objectives.

User Friendly interface

Elegant and intuitive, the user interface was designed to enable easy navigation and quick understanding of the Synapp insights.

Data Privacy

All of the data used in Synapp is secure and is never used for anything other than our ONA analysis.