Our solutions leverage ONA to drive Insights and results

Leadership Development

Who are my energizing and/or emerging leaders?

While one’s position on an organization chart plays a formal role in leadership, significant leadership potential at less senior levels can be identified through their netowrk position.

How do I identify the best candidates for succession planning?

Identifying and assimilating a new leader into an environment is most efficient when people networks overlap.

How do i develop my network leadership capability?

Contemporary work environments require leadership capabilities which rely on one’s ability to connect people and ideas both internally and externally to an organization. Self-awareness is important to improving one’s networking capability.

Engagement & Inclusion

How engaged do my employees feel?

Oftentimes, the density of a network is correlated with an individual’s engagement. The more connected the individual is, the more engaged they tend to be.

How included are my diverse employees?

An organization does not benefit from diversity without inclusion. Usually, lack of inclusion shows up when individuals from a particular diverse sub-group are excluded from certain networks.

How empowered do my employees feel?

New network leaders empower staff by distributing decision-making authority across their teams. Network analysis can measure the effectiveness of your leader’s ability to empower the organization.

Innovation & Collaboration

How do teams and functions collaborate?

When two teams collaborate better, they are able to align on goals, coordinate activities, leverage diverse expertise, and drive innovation. Use network analysis to understand and improve cross-team collaboration.

Can my employees and teams innovate?

Innovation is about integrating pieces of information from different areas to spark a new insight. Innovation networks help leaders better understand how ideas are shared and how engaged different groups are in the process.

Organization Alignment

Who is positioned to drive a strategic change?

Influence is a key factor in strategic change initiatives. By leveraging those individuals who are most influential within the organization, you can accelerate speed of change.

How do I better manage relationships with external networks (e.g., suppliers, customers, business partners)?

Most relationships with external networks are fragmented and not optimally managed. Leverage network measures to understand choke points and structure more effective business relationships.

How do I leverage network leaders to structure my organization?

Most organization re-designs are completed without a full understanding of how work really gets done. Network analysis can reveal where relationships support the organization structure and where there may be friction and inefficiency.

Talent Management

Who is at risk of leaving?

Based on certain network measures, individuals at greater risk of leaving the organization can be spotted. This is important when investing in talent development interventions.

Who do I need to retain?

Individuals who facilitate the flow of information and ideas are important to the functioning of an organization. Again, by using network measures, retention strategies are targeted and effective.